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Tanganyika Law Society (TLS)

“The Tanganyika Law Society is the Bar association of Tanzania Mainland, founded in 1954 by an Act of Parliament – the Tanganyika Law Society Ordinance, Chapter 344 of the Laws..

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Seminar on constitution making Process.

The Tanganyika Law Society has organized a CLE Seminar on Constitution making process. This CLE will be conducted as a discussion forum. Topic for discussion will be “ Kura ya Maoni ni Msingi wa Katiba Mpya”. This CLE will be held in Arusha a day before the Annual Conference - Thursday, 19th February, 2015.
Venue: New Arusha Hotel
1. Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi
2. Mr. Aluthe Mughwai
3. Mr. Francis Stolla
Time: From 03:00 PM to 06:00PM
Cost: TZS. 60,000/-
CLE Points: 2

Mode of payment:
1. Bank Deposit – pay Sixty Thousand Tanzanian Shillings (TZS 60,000/-) into the “Tanganyika Law Society” CRDB Bank Account number 01J1042977600; OR
2. Vodacom M-PESA – Call *150*00# to access the M-PESA menu and use the attached instructions to send your TZS 60,800 payment. TZS 800 being the transfer service charge. Kindly note that the transfer should be made to the TLS through the TLS business Number 400400 and that your transfer reference number should be your Roll number. It is also important to note that if you use the M-PESA service, you are required to send TZS 60,800/- NOT TZS 60,000/- . Proof of payment must be shown to the seminar administrator during registration either by way of a bank deposit slip or your M-PESA payment confirmation message. Please note that this is the first CLE Seminar for the CLE Calendar year 2015. Thus, members who will be attending both this seminar and the Annual Conference and General Meeting will be awarded a total of 6 CLE Points..
Thank you for your attention!
Kind regards,
TLS Secretariat
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The governing Council of Tanganyika Law Society has viewed with great concern the persecution and intimidation of some of its members by the Prosecution and Investigative Agencies in the recent past.
Of particular concern is the oppressive manner in which one of its members, Mr. Median Boastice Mwale, (Advocate) and his defence lawyers have been handled by the law enforcement agencies. On the 9th August 2011, Mr. Mwale was arrested and charged in the Resident Magistrates’ Court of Arusha with 13 counts of forgery, uttering false documents and money laundering offences under the relevant provisions of the Penal Code and the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2006. He pleaded not guilty and was remanded in prison because money laundering offences are not bailable in law.
The Council of the Law Society is distressed that, since the accused was arraigned and remanded in custody almost three years and five months ago, the trial against him has not commenced. The accused person has been subjected to “persecution” rather than prosecution because of the following:-
1. Endless adjournments on the unsatisfactory allegations that investigations are incomplete, frequent amendments of the Charge Sheet by adding new counts, joinder of an accused person after almost every year and frequent non-appearances without notice by the prosecuting State Attorneys on scheduled dates.
Accordingly, Mr. Mwale’s Constitutional right to a speedy trial has been denied.
2. The freezing of all his office and personal bank accounts without any Order of the Court. This illegal act has had an adverse effect on his employees and clients.
3. The unlawful seizure and continued detention of the accused’s motor vehicles without any authority of the Court. On previous occasions, the trial Court, the High Court of Tanzania and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania had ordered the Prosecution/Investigation Agencies to forthwith release the illegally seized motor vehicles. Despite a constant follow up by Advocates for the accused, the Court Orders have been contemptuously ignored. The motor vehicles are rotting away at the Arusha Police Station or otherwise vandalized.

The Law Society is also outraged that the Prosecution/Police Authorities conducting the case appear to have embarked upon assaulting the independence of the legal profession by intimidating the Lawyers who have agreed to defend Mr. Mwale and his fellow accused. The intimidation, both subtle and direct, is in the form of:-
(i) Arrests and verbal threats to join the defence Advocates in the Charge Sheet against the accused persons.
(ii) Unlawful freezing of bank accounts without any Application to that effect and without any Order of the Court. One defence Lawyer has already been subjected to these indignities.

The Law Society strongly condemns and will not accept:
- A creeping culture of impunity amongst some Officers in the Offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Director of Criminal Investigations,
- Subjecting persons facing criminal charges and their Lawyers to the above illegalities and applying the legal process oppressively,
- Ignoring compliance with the Orders of the Courts of law. The State should be the first to lead by example. Otherwise, there will be no rule of law in Society but anarchy.

Accordingly, the Tanganyika Law Society:-
1. Calls upon the Offices of the DPP and the DCI to:
-Prosecute the accused persons fairly and in accordance with the law.
-Desist from directly or indirectly intimidating the Advocates who are defending the accused persons.
The fact that the case may be perceived by the State to be “sensitive” or “serious” is not a licence for lowering the existing legal standards that ensure a fair criminal trial.
2. Encourages all Lawyers defending the accused persons to resist all forms of intimidation or threats directed against them or either of them in the course of discharging their professional duties.
The Law Society will continue to uphold the independence of the legal profession by defending its members wherever any person or authority attacks them in the line of duty.
3. Intends to present a special request to the Honorable Chief Justice to direct the High Court of Tanzania at Arusha to ensure that the Criminal Case facing Median Mwale and 3 others is heard and determined expeditiously. Once the case is committed to it for trial.
Signed at Dar es Salaam this 05th day of January 2015.

Charles Rwechungura
The Tanganyika Law Society.
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Mheshimiwa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Professa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,
Mheshimiwa Jaji Othman Mohamed Chande, Jaji Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania,
Waheshimiwa Majaji wa Mahakama ya Rufani,
Mheshimiwa Jaji Shaban Ally Lila, Jaji Kiongozi
Waheshimiwa Majaji wa Mahakama Kuu ya Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania,
Mheshiwa Asha Rose Migiro, Waziri wa Katiba na Sheria,
Mheshimiwa George Masaju, Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali,
Mheshimiwa IGP Ernest Mangu, Mkuu wa Jeshi La Polisi
Mheshimiwa Biswalo Mganga, Mkurungenzi wa Mashtaka,
Waheshimiwa Wasajili wa Mahakama ya Rufani na Mahakama Kuu,
Waheshimiwa Mabalozi wa Nchi Mbali Mbali,
Waheshimiwa Mawakili Wenzangu na Wanachama wote wa Chama cha Wanasheria cha Tanzania Bara – TLS.
Waheshimiwa Wageni Waalikwa,
Mabibi na Mabwana,
Itifaki Imezingatiwa!
Kwa Niaba ya Wanachama wa Chama cha Wanasheria, naomba nitangulize shukrani zangu za dhati kwako Mheshimwa Jaji Mkuu kwa kutupa heshima na kutualika kushiriki katika maadhimisho ya Wiki ya Sheria ambayo hii leo imefika kileleni.
Mahakama Kuu inaanza kazi zake rasmi hivi leo baada ya mapumziko ya mwisho wa mwaka 2014. Leo ndio siku ya kwanza ya kazi kwa mwaka wa Mahakama, na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu kwa niaba ya mawakili wote na wanachama wa Chama cha Wanasheria naomba kukutakia wewe na Mahakama khila la heri na mafanikio zaidi katika mwaka huu wa 2015.
Mheshimiwa Mgeni Rasmi na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu,
Maudhui ya Siku ya Sheria mwaka huu ni ‘ Fursa za Kupata Haki: Jukumu La Serikali, Mahakama na Wadau”. Tulipokuwa tunajadili ushiriki wetu katika wiki hii ya sheria na siku hii ya sheria, Uongozi wa Chama uliazimia kwamba, pamoja na mambo mengine, hotuba yangu leo iangalie Wajibu wa Chama cha Wanasheria katika kuwezesha upatikanaji wa haki kwa jamii. Pamoja na hayo nitazungumzia uhusiano wa Chama na Mahakama kwenye muktadha wa maudhui yetu ya leo hasa katika yale maeneo ambayo tunaweza kushirikiana na kuweza kufanikiwa zaidi katika mwaka huu na pia ni kwa namna gani Chama kitafanya kazi na mahakama kuhakikisha uboreshaji wa huduma za upatikanaji wa haki.
Nianze na jukumu la Chama cha Wanasheria ndani ya jamii.
Mheshimiwa Rais na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu,
Kuchochea upatikanaji wa kaki ni jukumu la kisheria ambalo Chama cha Wanasheria kinabebeshwa chini ya Kifungu cha 4(e) cha Sheria ya Kuanzisha Chama Cha Wanasheria Tanganyika (Sura ya 307) ambayo inabainisha pamoja na majukumu mengine kwamba Chama cha Wanasheria kimeanzishwa “kwa lengo la kulinda na kusaidia jamii ya Tanzania kwenye mambo yote yanayogusa na kuhusiana na Sheria”.
Katika kuliishi jukumu hili, Chama kupitia Sekretariati yake, kilianzisha Kitengo maalum cha Msaada wa Sheria ambacho kinatoa huduma za msaada wa sheria kwa jamii nzima! Kiujumla, huduma hii inajumuisha ushauri wa papo kwa papo wa kisheria kwa mambo yote yanayohusu sheria mbalimbali, huduma za upatanishi na usuluhishi, mafunzo kwa jamii kupitia njia mbalimbali na pale inapobidi, uwakilishi hutolewa kwa mtu mwenye uhitaji katika mahakama.
Kitengo hiki kinapokea kila siku wananchi wanaohitaji ushauri wa kisheria na ambao hawawezi kumudu gharama za kesi. Katika kuhakikisha kuwa huduma hizi zinawafikia walengwa, Kamati Maalum ya Chama ya Msaada wa Sheria, imeweka vigezo maalum katika kutoa msaada na Sekretariati ikiridhishwa kwamba mwombaji anahitaji huduma ya msaada wa kisheria na hawezi kulipa ada au tozo ya gharama za wakili na gharama nyingine za kesi, basi inampatia mwanachama mmoja jukumu hilo la kutoa ushauri na ikibididi kumsaidia mtu huyo kwa kumuwakilisha Mahakamani.
Mpaka kufikia mwaka 2007, uwepo wa kitengo hiki cha Msaada wa sheria ndani ya Chama ulijulikana kwa wananchi wachache sana wengi wao wakiwa ni wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam tu!
Mwaka huo, Uongozi wa Chama uliazimia kupanua kutoa huduma za msaada wa kisheria kwa wananchi wengi zaidi na kuanzisha wiki ya Msaada wa Kisheria ambayo huazimishwa kila mwaka.
Kuanzia mwaka 2007 wanachama wa Chama cha Wanasheria ambao ni mawakili huweka kambi katika maeneo mbali mbali yaliyoanishwa nchi nzima ambapo mawakili wetu wako, na hutoa huduma ya msaada wa kisheria kwa wananchi bure.
Katika kipindi hiki mashauri yanayobainika kuhitaji hatua zaidi huchukuliwa na kupangiwa wakili ambapo wakili aliyepangiwa huiendesha kesi hiyo kwa misingi hiyo hiyo ya kuendeleza kutoa msaada bure yaani ‘bro bono’.
Kwa sasa idadi ya mashahuri ambayo yamepokelewa wakati wa maadhimisho ya wiki ya msaada wa kisheria ni zaidi ya elfu moja mia tano hamsini (1550) kwa nchi nzima wakati zile zilizopokelewa kila siku kupitia katika kitengo chetu cha msaada sheria ni mia mbili na kumi (210).
Mheshimiwa Rais na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu,
Licha ya kutoa huduma za kisheria bure, Chama Cha Wanasheria kinatambua kwamba kuelimisha jamii hasa juu ya haki zao ni nyenzo muhimu katika kukuza uwezo wa wanajamii katika kupata na kusimamia haki zao. Wote mtakubaliana nami kuwa jamii ya watu wasiotambua haki zao chini ya Sheria ni jamii ambayo ncdani yake upatikanaji wa haki utabaki umedumaa kama sio kutokuwepo kabisa.
Uzoefu wetu tuliopata katika maadhimisho ya Wiki ya Msaada wa Sheria katika vituo vyetu vilivyofunguliwa nchi nzima kuanzia tarehe 1 hadi tarehe 13 December mwaka 2014, ni kwamba uelewa mdogo au elimu duni ya sheria inachangia kwa kiasi kikubwa kuzuia upatikanaji haki. Na kwa bahati mbaya sana, jamii, wakiwamo watu wenye uelewa, husubiri mpaka tatizo litokee ndipo watafuta ushauri au msaada wa kisheria.

Kwa Mkoa wa Dodoma kwa mfano, tumegundua kwamba tatizo sugu lipo kwenye maeneo ya umiliki wa ardhi na masuala ya ndoa. Wale walioleta shida zao il kupata msaada wa kisheria kutoka kwetu walikuwa ni watu waliopoteza haki zao za umiliki ardhi kwa sababu tu hawakujua sehemu ya kwenda au njia gani watumie ili kupata haki mpaka hadi muda wa ukomo uliowekwa chini ya sheria ulipomalizika.
Katika Mpango Mkakati wa Chama tumeazimia kuendelea kutoa elimu kwa umma na tumehakikisha tunaweka mikakati mbali mbali inayolenga makundi maalamu katika jamii kama yale ya wafungwa, watoto na wanawake.
Kwa mfano, hivi sasa Chama kinaendesha mradi Mkoani Mbeya mahususi kabisa kwa watoto walio katika ukinzani wakisheria na tunawapatia sio tu msaada wa uwakilishi wakisheria katika mahakama mbalimbali za watoto, lakini pia tunajenga uwezo wa ulewa wa Sheria ya Mtoto na kanuni zake kwa taasisi zote zinazotoa haki kwa mtoto na watendaji mbali mbali.
Mbali na mradi huo, Chama pia kwa kushirikiana na asasi zisizo za kiserikali hasa mkoani Kagera, hutoa elimu kwa jamii juu ya namna bora ya kuwalinda watoto kisheria dhidi ya matukio ya unyanyasaji na ni kwa namna gani wanajamii kwa kushirikiana na vyombo vya kisheria kuweza kuwasaidia watoto wahanga wa makosa ya jinai kupata haki mahakamani. Kazi hii imekuwa ikifanywa na ofisi ya Chama mkoani Mwanza ikiwa ni pamoja na kuwawezesha wasaidizi wa kisheria (para legals) katika wilaya za Kwimba, Magu na mkoa wa Geita.

TLS pia inatoa vipeperushi na machapisho mbali mbali ambayo yanaelezea sheria mbali mbali katika lugha rafiki. Kwa kifupi tu hayo baadhi ya mambo ambayo TLS imekuwa ikifanya kutimiza na kuishi jukumu lake la kisheria.
Na sasa, Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu, kwa heshima na taadhima, niseme kidogo tu juu ya mahusiano baina yetu na Mahakama nikilenga zaidi kuimarisha ushirikiano ili kuweza kudumisha upatikanaji haki.
Ikumbukwe kuwa jukumu lingine lililowekwa na sheria kwa Chama Chama Cha Sheria kutoka kwenye sheria niliyokwisha kuitaja awali “ni kuisaidia Serikali na Mahakama kwenye mambo yote yanayogusa sheria, usimamizi wa haki, na shughuli za utoaji huduma za sheria hapa Tanzania”.
Chama hutimiza jukumu lake la kuisadia Serikali kwa njia mbalimbali. Kwanza, TLS ina kamati maalumu ya sheria ijulikanayo kama ‘Standing Law Committee’ ambayo zaidi ya mambo mengine huwa inapitia miswada mbali mbali ya sheria kabla haijawalishwa bungeni na Kamati hii huwa inashauri nini kiboreshwe kabla ya miswada hii kupitishwa na kuwa Sheria.
Hivi sasa Kamati hii inanyumbunisha na kutengeneza jedwali la sheria ambazo zina umuhimu mkubwa kwa jamii na kutengeneza machapisho na vipeperushi mbali mbali katika lugha rafiki inayofafanua haki na wajibu ulioainishwa katika Sheria hizo.
Pili, TLS imekuwa imekuwa ikizungumza na serikali mapema hasa pale inapoona kuna mambo upande wa Serikali na vyombo vyake ambayo yanaweza kuadhiri upatikanaji wa haki. Kupitia Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Sheria tumekuwa tukipigia chapuo uandishi wa sheria katika lugha rahisi ya Kisawhili ili wananchi waweze kuzielewa.
Mheshimiwa Rais na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu,
Jukumu letu la kuisaidia Mahakama tunalitimiza kupitia njia kuu mbili. Kwanza mahakamani wakati mashauri yakiendelea na nje ya Mahakama.
Wakati wa uendeshaji wa mashauri mbele ya Mahakama, mawakili wanao wajibu wa kuhakikisha haki haicheleweshwi tukikumbuka msemo usemao kwa kimombo ‘JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED’ yaani haki iliyocheleweshwa ni haki iliyonyimwa.
Mawakili wanajukumu la kuhakikisha ubora wa nyaraka mbali mbali zinazowasilishwa na kuandikishwa mahakamani, tena wakizingatia uwasilishwaji wa nyaraka hizo ndani ya muda stahiki na kwamba wanazingatia maagizo mbali mbali ya Mahakama ikiwa ni pamoja na kuudhuria Mahakamani kwa siku zilizoanishwa na wakichochea umalizwaji wa mashauri kwa njia ya usuluhishi ambayo husaidia mahakama kutoa haki kwa wakati muafaka. Sisi tunahimizana na kuazimia kwamba tufanye juhudi za madhubuti ili jukumu letu la kuisaidia Mahakama zinatoa haki kwa muda mfupi.
Kuna fursa ambazo zinahitaji nguvu zetu kwa pamoja kati yetu sisi kwa upande mmoja na mahakama kwa upande mwingine ambazo zinaweza kuchagiza kupata haki zaidi ya tulivyozoea kulumbana kitaaluma mahakamani. Nipende kusisitiza tu kwamba fursa hizi bado hazijatumiwa ipasavyo. Pengine hili labda ni fumbo linalogusa maisha ya Majaji, Mahakimu na Mawakili kama wajuzi na wataalamu wa sheria.
Mahusiano kati ya makundi haya mawili linachangia Mahakamani kwa kiasi kikubwa katikanamna ya muundo wa mahusiano katika makunnje ya Mahakama. Fumbo hili lipo kwenye ukweli kuwa ujuzi wa maisha ya mawakili na Majaji japo unaingiliana lakini mazungumzo kati yao hayaendi mbali zaidi ya kuishia ndani vya vyumba vya mahakama!
Hakuna mazungumzo ya kina na ya kila mara ya pamoja kama wataalam na wabobezi wa sheria kuangalia changamoto zetu kwa pamoja zaidi ya yale mabishano ya kisheria kati yetu Mahakamani!
Na si ajabu hata sasa pengine kati yenu mtakuwa mmeshaanza kujiuliza ni nini hasa ninamaanisha kwa mazungumzo nje ya vyumba vya Mahakama?
Niseme tu moja kwa moja kuwa ninamaanisha kukosekana kwa utashi wa kuweka na kutumia mabaraza ya pamoja ya kiutawala, uwanja au ulingo ambao tutautumia kwa pamoja kujadili changamoto mbali mbali hasa zinazogusa usimamiaji na upatikanaji wa haki ambao uko nje ya mfumo uliozoeleka wa kesi lakini ambao ni kiungo muhimu kwenye mfumo wowote ule wa utoaji haki!
Mwaka huu tunahimiza ule utaratibu uliopangwa kukutanisha mawakili na Mahakama (the Bar/ Bench Forum mara kwa mara kuzumgumzia chngamoto nilizozitaja hapo juu. Kama Chama tutajitahidi kwamba katika huu mwaka 2015 tunashirikiana na Mahakama kupitia fursa hii.
Mheshimiwa Mgeni Rasmi na Mheshimiwa Jaji Mkuu, nimalize kama nilivyoanza, kwa kuitakia Mahakama mwaka mwingine wenye ufanisi na mafanikio makubwa katika kuta haki’
Ahsanteni kwa kunisikiliza!

Charles Rwechungura
Rais – TLS Feb 4. 2015.
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In pictures:- TLS and SADCLA meeting that was held at the TLS council chambers on Friday 13th 2014. The discussion was between the TLS president and secretariat represented by CEO, Mr. (Kaleb Gamaya), Finance manager (Mr. John Mwangombola) and programme officer member services (Ms. mariam Othman), together with SADCLA president and the secretariat represented by Ms. Emilia on the preparations of SADCLA AGM that is expected to be held on August 2015 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. ... See MoreSee Less

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TLS secretariat retreat at Tamarind Beach Hotel in Zanzibar. DAY 1 ... See MoreSee Less

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