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Dear Member,

Kindly revisit the list of expected new admitted members/advocates (see link below) and enter objection (s), (if any), to/any applicant(s) with misconduct behavior (s) and unfit for admission by clicking into the link and inserting the objection as directed hereinbelow.


Please find a list of petitioners at TAMS (Tanzania Advocates Management System), who will be enrolled and admitted as Advocates on Dec 13, 2019. The list may be accessed through the link Pending admissions. Use the access code 452558 to access the list.

If you have any objection to the admission of any petitioner kindly write on the relevant petitioner’s CV at the views section and submit.

You can easily search the petitioner you may know of and view their CV, or click their entry on the list pages that can be navigated one by one.

Use this link to provide your views

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