Reference is made to the Reg. 26, 27 and 32 of the CLE Regulations, 2012 herein attached.

Highlighted Below is an extract of Reg. 32 of the Regulations which provides for sanctions for non compliance;

  1. 1) Where an advocate does not comply with the requirement of these regulations the Council shall, upon shown sufficient reasons, either order carryover of the missing points, or report to the Registrar to withhold renewal of a member’s certificate.

2) In any event the Council shall be guided as follows:

  1. It may order a carryover of the missing CLE points for a member who misses two CLE points.

iii. Any member who has been allowed to carry over the missing CLE points under sub rule 2(i) and 2(ii) shall not be allowed to carry over the said points for more than one year.

  1. It may decide to forward a name to the Registrar of the High Court seeking refusal for renewal of a practicing certificate for a member who misses five CLE points or more.
  1. A member whose renewal of certificate has been refused may accumulate the necessary points at any time thereafter and apply to the CLE Committee for the instrument of clearance in order to apply for renewal of his certificate of practice to the Registrar.

Attached please find an Excel document having status of members in respect of their CLE Points for the year 2015.

Taking into account of the above Regulation, the Governing Council of the Tanganyika Law Society has ordered the secretariat to prepare remedial seminars to be attended by those with less than required points so that they can attain their missing points. After the remedial seminars;

  • Members with 6 to 9 Points will be required , as per the CLE Regulations, to carry over their missing points to the year 2016. Thus, in the year 2016, they will be required to attain 10 points together with their missing points.
  • Names of members with 0 to 5 points will be forwarded to the  Registrar of the High Court seeking refusal for renewal of a practicing certificate for the year 2016.

Venue, topic, facilitator, date and time for the said seminars are herein indicated;


 Venue:  Blue Pearl Hotel- Ubungo Plaza

Topic: The Legal Framework for Arbitral disputes settlement in Tanzania

Facilitator: Hon. Robert Makaramba ( Dr.)

Date: Friday, 22nd January 2016

Time: From 01:00 PM

Cost: TZS. 100,000/-


 Venue:   Mkonge Hotel

Topic: Judicial Approach on Constitutional Interpretation

Facilitator: Dr. Angelo Mapunda
Date: Tuesday, 26th January, 2016
Time: From 08:00 AM

Cost: TZS. 100,000/-


 Venue: Blue Pearl Hotel- Ubungo Plaza

Topic: Contemporary Ethical Issues within the Legal Profession in Tanzania

Facilitators:  Mr. Francis Stolla
Date: Friday, 29th January, 2016
Time: From 01:00 PM

Cost: TZS. 100,000/-

 Each CLE Seminar will attract 3 CLE Points

Mode of payment:

  1. Bank Deposit – pay One Hundred Thousand Tanzanian Shillings (TZS 100,000/-) into the “Tanganyika Law Society” CRDB Bank Account number 01J1042977600; OR
  2. Vodacom M-PESA – Call *150*00# to access the M-PESA menu and use the attached instructions to send your TZS 100,800 payment.  TZS 800 being the transfer service charge. Kindly note that the transfer should be made to the TLS through the TLS business Number 400400 and that your transfer reference number should be your Roll number. It is also important to note that if you use the M-PESA service, you are required to send TZS 100,800/- NOT TZS 100,000/- . 

Proof of payment must be shown to the seminar administrator during registration either by way of a bank deposit slip or your M-PESA payment confirmation message.

Should you have any query on this notice, please do not hesitate to contact the TLS office by-mail  /  or by telephone on +255 22 2775313 / 0779 626284.

Click Here to Access  CLE POINTS 2015

Click Here to Access CLE REGULATIONS 2012- FINAL

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