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TLS Secretariat has started printing Advocate IDs for the year 2020-2022. As such we request you to verify your information in your Wakili Database Profile in terms of the Chapter you belong and mobile number. Should be there any changes to your information, please communicate the same to your respective Chapter office/Chapter Leaders who will then forward it to the TLS HQ.

Please be informed that once your ID has been printed, you will be notified by text SMS that your ID is available for collection. (Please remember to provide the correct mobile number in your Wakili Database Profile)

Members who never had an ID in the past years, and those who have been recently sworn in as Advocates (December 2019), should send their scanned signatures in a PDF format (not pictures in any form)  to with their roll numbers.

Members in Dar es Salaam will have an opportunity to affix their signatures at the time of collecting their ID’s after being notified to collect your ID.

We humbly request your cooperation to make this activity run smoothly, speedy and efficient.


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