This project aims at developing a standardized curriculum for paralegal training in Tanzania. Legal aid providers and paralegal trainers in Tanzania have been using this curriculum for designing, implementing and evaluating their paralegal training programmes since March 2013.

Project Overall Objective

Empowering paralegals and legal aid providers to promote and protect human rights in rural and urban communities.


Specific Objective

  • To build a base for harmonized paralegal training and certification in Tanzania through use of the same training curriculum and eligibility criteria by end of 2015.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the LAPs to train paralegals and the community at large to claim their rights through justice organs by end of 2015.
  • To promote community participation in protecting women rights and preventing gender based violence by end of 2016.
  • To promote the provision of legal and human rights education in urban and rural communities by end of 2016.

Project Impact

  • 36 Legal Aid Providers and 91 paralegal trainers working with grassroots communities in over 20 regions and 110 districts of Tanzania mainland have benefited with TLS capacity building programme with specific focus on human rights, legal rights, and paralegal training methodologies.
  • 70% of legal aid providers implementing paralegal programmes are using TLS developed paralegal training curriculum in their training programmes.
  • 2,750 paralegals from 110 districts of Tanzania mainland have benefited with human rights and legal education, an initiative from legal aid providers that participated TLS capacity building programme.