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In compliance with the new amendments in the TLS Act Cap 307 as amended, the Governing Council of the Tanganyika Law Society sitting in its Extra Ordinary Meeting held on Friday, 13th March 2020 at the TLS Secretariat in Dar es Salaam had, among other things, resolved to establish 7 Tanganyika Law Society Zones and 6 new chapters in addition to the existing Chapters as per section 17A of the Tanganyika Law Society Cap 307 as amended.

Please note that Dar es Salaam Chapter is currently divided into 6 Chapters namely Ilala, Kinondoni, Temeke, Ubungo, Kigamboni, and Pwani.

Kindly further note that these 6 Chapters have been grouped into 2 Zones namely Mzizima Zone which covers Ilala, Temeke and Kigamboni;  and Bagamoyo Zone which covers Kinondoni, Ubungo, and Pwani.

Members of the former Dar es Salaam Chapter are urged to update their current Chapter status through  not later than Monday, 06th April 2020.

Attached please find the Notice of the establishment of the TLS Zones and Chapters. ==>[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Notice on Establishment of TLS Zones and Chapters”]

Kindly note that the member’s chapter is based on member’s place of business.

Kind Regards,

TLS Secretariat.



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