The legal fraternity will mark the beginning of a new law year from 31st January, 2016 through to 04th February 2016.

As has been the practice, the national celebrations will be hosted by the Judiciary. The Law day will be preceded by the Law week from Sunday 31st January 2016 through to Wednesday, 03rd February, 2016 at Mnazi Mmoja grounds.

The official launching for LAW WEEK will be held on Sunday, 31st January, 2016 from 06.00 AM whereby Hon. Ali Hassan Mwinyi, the former president of the United Republic of Tanzania, will officiate the event. Prior to the official opening of the celebrations, there will be a procession that will commence at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate Court in Dar es Salaam via Barack Obama –State House-High Court Commercial Division- Central Police – Nkuruma to Mnazi mmoja grounds. Members are requested to attend the procession in large numbers. Participation in procession will attract 1 CLE Point. More so, take note that on 31st of January, 2015 (Sunday), registration of those who will be participating in the procession will be done after procession at Mnazi Mmoja Ground at the TLS spot.

After the day of official opening TLS will be providing legal aid at Mnazi Mmoja Ground up to the  3rd of February 2016. The secretariat released a call for advocates who wishes to participate in providing Legal Aid to register their interests. We have received the names of the interested advocates and there will be  ten advocates per each day. For those who registered their interests,  kindly look at the list of advocates below and mark your respective date. Legal Aid will be offered from 0900am to 0300pm.

NOTE 1: The names provided are due to the prior consent of the members volunteered to provide Legal Aid. Two (2) CLE points will be awarded to each participant in the list.

NOTE 2: Law Day Procession which is scheduled on 31st of January 2016 has no limited number of advocates to participate. The names provided relate to Legal Aid provision only and not procession. However, advocates in the list are encouraged to participate in the procession as well.

NOTE 3: For the members in chapters  who have as well been invited to participate in providing Legal Aid at the same commemorations, chapter conveners should inform the secretariat on the same.  2 CLE points will be provided to each member who will participate in the respective chapters.  Chapter conveners should be sure to submit the names of the participants to the secretariat as soon as the celebrations are over.

NOTE 4: The commemoration of the LAW DAY will be done on Thursday 04th February 2016.  The celebrations will be held at the Mahakama grounds, CHIMALA from 0900am to 11:55am.



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