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The Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) is the Bar association of Tanzania Mainland, founded in 1954 by an Act of Parliament – the Tanganyika Law Society Ordinance 1954. The Tanganyika Law Society is currently governed by the Tanganyika Law Society Act, Cap 307 R.E. 2002.


The Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) is inviting Suppliers and service providers from Tanzanian based organizations/Companies for prequalification to participate in the process of various bidding processes as listed below.


The objective of this invitation is to prequalify interested in reliable suppliers and service providers. TLS intends to update its list of suppliers for goods, services and consulting services hence invites eligible and interested bidders to apply for Prequalification for provision of the listed goods and services for the period of 2020 – 2024.


Firms/Companies interested are requested to submit copies of relevant documents including Company Profile, Certificate of Incorporation, Current and Valid Business License, TIN, and VRN.

Vendor will be selected and prequalified based on submitted business profile which entail legal compliance, experience in the market, financial (provision of audited financial statements) technical competence ( CVs of key staff,) ability to meet current & future demand, compliance to TLS general terms and conditions, Warrant Validity, after-sale services and Manufacturer’s authorization.

TLS/PQ/01/2020 Supply of branded items and promotional materials
TLS/PQ/05/2020 Supply of general stationery
TLS/PQ/03/2020 Supply of bottled water, dispensing machine and maintenance
TLS/PQ/04/2020 Supply of fuel
TLS/PQ/05/2020 Supply of motor vehicle parts and accessories
TLS/PQ/06/2020 Supply of ID cards
TLS/PQ/07/2020 Supply of office furniture’s, and fittings.
TLS/PQ/08/2020 Supply of mobile phone, Tele phones
TLS/PQ/09/2020 Supply and maintenance of electrical equipment
TLS/PQ/10/2020 Supply of professional digital camera for photo and video
TLS/PQ/11/2020 Supply and maintenance of computers, printers, photocopiers, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), laptops, tonner and accessories
TLS/PQ/12/2020 Provision of internet service
TLS/PQ/13/2020 Provision of air ticketing, reservations, and travel services
TLS/PQ/14/2020 Provision of sanitary, fumigation, pest control and cleaning services
TLS/PQ/15/2020 Provision of catering services
TLS/PQ/16/2020 Repair, maintenance service of generators, pumps
TLS/PQ/17/2020 Provision of medical insurance
TLS/PQ/18/2020 Supply and maintenance of air conditioners, installation, and service
TLS/PQ/19/2020 Provision of office equipment insurance
TLS/PQ/20/2020 Provision of servicing, repair, and maintenance of a vehicle
TLS/PQ/21/2020 Provision of hotel accommodation  and conference facilities
TLS/PQ/22/2020 Provision of security
TLS/PQ/23/2020 Provision of car hire
TLS/PQ/24/2020 Provision of audit service
TLS/PQ/25/2020 Provision of media service; advertisement, documentaries, live streaming, live twitting, videographer and photographer services


Interested and eligible candidates may obtain a complete set of prequalification documents from our website from 27th February 2020. Interested applicants must submit their application documents not later than Monday 09th March 2020, 16.00 hrs.

Electronic submission should be made to


Sealed envelopes should be clearly marked ie “category No… for the Pre-Qualification……

Chief Executive Officer

Tanganyika Law Society | House No. 21 | Chato Street | Regent Estate P. O. Box 2148 | Dar es Salaam | Tanzania Telephone: +255 22 2775313


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