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 Dear Potential Exhibitor,

Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) is organizing the 2020 Professional Diversity Conference & Exhibition on 03rd and 04th December 2020 at Lush Garden Hotel, Arusha. This will be preceded with TLS Members be having their own Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars from 30th November – 02nd December 2020 at Lush Garden Hotel, Arusha.

The theme of the event for the 2020 Professional Diversity Conference & Exhibition is: ‘DIVERSIFYING YOUR LEGAL MIND’ (Think Differently, Act Differently).

The role of initiating this event is to promote interdisciplinary learning in managing diverse professional associations (Anwai za Kitaaluma) and to get to know their functions and operations in order to build business linkages.

We expect about 2,000 Participants from TLS and different professional associations from all over Tanzania to take part in these 2 major events.

You will agree that the “first of its kind” conference and exhibition provides the best avenues for cross learning as well as the marketing of your services across the different professions. Your participation in the conference and exhibition is a unique opportunity for your association to open up deeper cooperation among other professional associations and smoothen relations for business growth.


The exhibition is a great way to introduce people to your work, products, and services. Our event will provide a venue for your members to make contact with different professionals who will be participants of the event. We will also provide an opportunity for you to sell different products and services.

COST: The price for participation as an Exhibitor in the CLEs, Diversity Conference and Exhibition will be TZS 1,500,000/- (Tanzania Shillings One Million Five Hundred Thousand Only) per booth space for five days.

FACILITIES & BENEFITS: Space cost will include;

  • Rental of space (3mx3m)
  • Booth with name
  • General illumination / Lighting / Power cable
  • Security service
  • One table and two chairs / Dustbin
  • Two free conference entrance (all services including conference gala dinner)
  • Registration Fee and Snacks / Meals / Water for 2 Representatives for 5 days


  • 2 Representatives with Staff ID / Uniform / Upkeep in Arusha
  • Publications, Books, IEC Materials (Brochures, Leaflets)
  • Banners, Posters, Charts, etc.
  • TV, CDs, Light Sound equipment, Laptop, Printer, Power Cables
  • Any other materials that will be helpful to market the association.

Should you have any clarifications, please contact:

Mr. Rashid Mbegele: Cell: +255 779 626296 / Email:

Looking forward to having you in our event!



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