Kindly be reminded of the Notice to All Defaulting Advocates issued by the Judiciary on 5th August 2021, requesting all defaulting Advocates to pay their requisite fees before or by the 5th October 2021 to avoid disciplinary measures against them. In order to facilitate this Notice, the Judiciary in collaboration with the TLS Secretariat has put in place the following measures to all members touched by the Notice:

1.       The Judiciary will change the status of all members in the judicial services who in one way or another appear as practising members while in real sense were non-practising members since their admission.

2.       In addition, the Judiciary will also change the status of all members who are in the list of defaulters but are still in the public services and who in one way or another appear as practising members while in real sense were supposed to be Notary Public or Non-practising member. TLS requests each member under this category to confirm his or her status as Notary Public or Non-Practising Member to the Secretariat through Philipo Lubuva: or through 0715 465 042; 0779 939 038; or Epifania Mbele: or through- 0778 120 424; 0655 276 473; or Victor Mbuligwe: or 0778 626212; or Dorothy Mhindi or 0784891491; 0772831543 before or by Friday 20th August 2021.

3.       Each member in the defaulting list should visit the Wakili Database to know the extent of amount indebted by the Society and make arrangement to clear the requisite fees before the deadline date which is 5th October 2021;

4.       Each member who would wish to pay his or her requisite fees by instalment before the deadline date can do so by contacting the Secretariat through Philipo Lubuva: – 0715 465 042; 0779 939 038; or Epifania Mbele: – 0778 120 424; 0655 276 473; or Victor Mbuligwe:;   or 0778 626212; or Dorothy Mhindi: or 0784891491; 0772831543. 

5.       The Secretariat has put in place an arrangement of online CLE Seminars to defaulting members in the category of practising members to facilitate their clearance of debts and renewal of their practising certificate for the existing year.

6.       All members of the Society who have not registered into the Wakili Database are argued to register their status into the Wakili Database so as  to facilitate service delivery and thus, all other inquiry in regard to their membership can be made through the Wakili Database without necessarily visiting the Secretariat at the headquarter or its chapter offices. 

It is the Society’s hope that this Reminder will assist all members in default to activate their membership status. The Society would not like to let its members get into disciplinary measures because of this. Therefore, we remind all members in the defaulting list to make sure that they comply with the order of the Judiciary.

Attached to this email are the copies of Notice from Judiciary, Notice from  TLS and a Guide on using Wakili Database.




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