Dear Esteemed Members,

As you may wish to note, our President Hon. Tundu Antipas Mugwai Lissu is still undergoing rehabilitation treatment at the Leuven Hospital in Belgium. As part of our guarantees and obligations to the treatment we once again remind all of you to continue with your contributions that will support to pay both treatment and living costs of our Hon. President in Belgium as we have been doing so since then.

To facilitate this commitment, the Secretariat will set aside separate tables at all venues of the Pre-AGM CLE seminars, Annual Conference and General Meeting to receive contributions for the President’s treatment and living costs in Belgium. Once you visit the tables the Secretariat will inform you on the proper modality for you to contribute to this purpose.

Those who wish to contribute via M-PESA the Company Number is 5684005.

We kindly request you all to support the President’s treatment and healing.

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