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TLS wishes to inform you that the Secretariat of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) is carrying out a special exercise to improve its service delivery to its members to assist in compliance on various statutory requirements, processes and procedures so as to ensure a smooth transition of your Membership Status and acquiring of your Practicing Certificate (PC) from one year to the next.

In this connection TLS is providing you with some information critical to the exercise so that each of you may take the necessary actions to appraise yourself of your individual status.

The Exercise will cover the following areas:

  1. Debt collection for Subscription Fees, LAAC and DATF
  2. Continuous Legal Education (CLE)points through CLE Seminar programmes for October to December 2020
  3. 2020 Professionals’ Diversity Conference with CLE Seminars & Exhibition
  4. 2020 Diversity Safari



  • Annual Membership Subscription Fees from 2012-2020:

It is a statutory requirement for all Members to pay their Annual Membership Subscription Fee each year. However, our records show that a sizeable number of Members have slowly started to default causing some concerns to the organization and other relevant authorities.

  • Legal Aid and Advocacy Centre (LAAC):

It was agreed in the 2018 AGM for all members to make a compulsory payment of TZS 400,000/- for all old members and TZS 200,000/- for newly admitted members to contribute for the building project of the Wakili House. All newly admitted members have complied with the decision. Old members are still having an outstanding of LAAC as per their commitments. We ask them to honour their commitments because, TLS still have an outstanding amount to be cleared to the Contractors and Consultant to facilitate them to complete the pending works on the building.

We appreciate all those who have contributed and completed their payments. However, the remaining members to complete their payments.

  • Deceased Advocates Trust Fund (DATF):

Another area of concern is about payments to the DATF. This is an annual contribution of TZS 40,000/- which is contributed by every member yearly. As you know this amount goes to support the deceased member for funeral expenses to the tune of TZS 6,000,000/-. This contribution has no options to all types of members i.e. practicing members, commissioners for oath and notary public members, non-practising members, not for profit members and deferred members. That is [private practioners (practising, none-practising and not for profit practising members) and those in public service (commissioners for oath and notary public, and those in judicial service) members].

You are requested to honor this commitment as it supports our departing colleagues of the Society. We have over 300 Members who have passed on and we have honored our commitments to their beneficiaries.

  • Payment updates and Way Forward:

Having all these number of member defaulting in paying their contributions make it difficult for TLS to manage its activities and offer quality and timely services to members. TLS therefore encourages you to cooperate and take part in making sure this exercise is a success.

This exercise will involve the TLS Secretariat sending emails, messages and making calls to individual members informing them of their membership status and where needed, agree on a payment schedule to clear their debts by December 2020. We will follow this with a couple of reminders to ensure everyone is fully compliant.

While a number of interventions will be carried out between October and December 2020, failure by the defaulting members to clear all outstanding dues will result in taking additional measures including escalating the issues to relevant authorities (Chief Justice (CJ)) who has indicated his intention and mandate to take appropriate action for failure to comply.

  • CLE Points Status:

While this is a professional service offered to TLS Members to update themselves on various areas of the profession, it has been sadly noted that a large number of members have completely ignored the importance of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs. This is not an option, but a statutory requirement in order to continue practicing.

  • CLEs in Chapters:

End of the year is approaching and it appears that a large number of Members have not yet acquired the required 10 CLE points that will enable them to renew their certificates. To address this huge gap, TLS have embarked on a CLE Campaign across the Chapters at (Zones / Regions) from October to December 2020. These physical CLEs will award the Participants the points needed for renewing their Certificate.

The Continuous Legal Education Committee (CLE Committee) have prepared a special programme of physical CLE seminars in all of our Chapters that will help members to acquire points before the end of the year. In collaboration with National CLE Committee each chapter will arrange on the dates, topics, prices and venues of the said seminars.

  • Special CLEs in Arusha 2020

For the benefit of majority of the Members, there will be a special set of CLEs organized at Lush Garden Hotel, Arusha from 30th November – 02nd December 2020. These CLEs are expected to bring in a large number of Participants who can qualify to get the required CLE points. Kindly get to know the details, register in advance and make your payments to secure your seat immediately after the National CLE Committee announces details of the seminars.

There will be a Main Session as well as Break Away Sessions on a variety of relevant topics that are currently trending in Tanzania and globally. The topics will provide a diverse range of issues that address the current priorities in the country as well provide you the necessary tools and techniques to assist your Clients to deal with the emerging issues in the local and international arena.

  •  2020 Professionals’ Diversity Conference

By virtue of Section 19 (2) (d) of the Tanganyika Law Society Act, Cap 307 as amended by the Written Miscellaneous Amendment Act, Act No.1 of 2020, the TLS Secretariat has also prepared Tanzania’s First 2020 Professional Diversity Conference that will be held from 03rd – 04th December 2020 immediately following the Special CLEs Seminars in Arusha at Lush Garden. Topics, resource persons, prices for the conference and number of points to be awarded will communicate to you once they are passed by the National CLE Committee.

A first of its kind conference in Tanzania will provide a Business Networking Platform between TLS and other Professional Associations in the country. As a unique and extremely open forum, all TLS Members will get to understand the business of a diverse range of professional associations from various disciplines, share experiences and get to know how they complement and assist TLS Members in their own business interactions where such professionals need the expertise of TLS Members and vice versa.

Key highlights of the Professional Diversity Conference will be to have a Team Building Sports Bonanza, Social Interactions and a Gala Dinner.

  • Professional Diversity Exhibition

Another key activity during the Professional Diversity Conference will be to run the Professional Diversity Exhibition whereby TLS expect the 30 plus participating Professional Associations, will set up their Booth showcasing their activities, share information regarding their activities and provide business linkages where possible.


An exciting part of the 2020 Professional Diversity Conference, TLS is planning to organize a Diversity Safari on Saturday, 05th December 2020 to Ngorongoro National Park. Members opting for this safari will visit the National Park and make a memorable trip to the Crater and appreciate the diversity of the flora and fauna. This domestic tourism will also provide another social networking opportunity for participants to get to know each other from a different perspective.

TLS will update you on the details of the costs involved and the facilities that members would enjoy as they take part in this thrilling safari where the professionals will come into close range with the wild animals and wonder about the beauty of nature.

Action Point for TLS Members:

Kindly take a brief moment to update your personal details e.g. Mobile and Email contacts on the Wakili Database so as not to miss any important information that needs to be sent to you.


Once again let me take this opportunity to thank all TLS Members for their continuous support to the Governing Council and the TLS Secretariat.

We look forward to your participation in the upcoming events as we close 2020.

Find the signed document here. ==>


Mnamo tarehe 2 Oktoba 2020 Baraza la Uongozi la Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) baada ya kuupokea na kusoma kwa makini Uamuzi wa Kamati ya Mawakili katika Maombi Namba 19 ya Mwaka 2019 baina ya Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali na Fatma Amani Karume, lilikaa na kuujadili. Baraza la Uongozi liliziona sababu zilizoifanya Kamati ya Mawakili kumkuta Wakili Fatma Amani Karume na hatia ya ukiukwaji mkubwa wa maadili ya taaluma ya sheria na kuamuru kuondolewa kwake katika Rejista ya Mawakili nchini.

Licha ya mambo mengi yanajitokeza mtu anapousoma uamuzi huo, Baraza la Uongozi liliguswa sana na mambo yafuatayo:

  1. Namna ambavyo Mwanasheria Mkuu aliwasilisha upya malalamiko yake kwa Kamati ya Mawakili kinyume na amri na maelekezo ya Jaji Kiongozi Dr. Eliezer Mbuki Feleshi aliyoyatoa katika uamuzi wake katika kesi Ado Shaibu v. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli (The President of the United Republic of Tanzania) & wengine wawili (Misc. Civil Cause No 29 of 2018) ya kumuagiza Msajili wa Mahakama Kuu “ kuwasilisha madai ya kukiuka maadili ya kitaaluma yaliyomo katika mawasilisho ya mleta maombi na majibu ya mwisho ya mlalamikiwa pamoja na uamuzi huu kwenye Kamati ya Nidhamu ya Mawakili ili yaamuriwe.”
  2. Muundo wa Kamati hiyo ya Mawakili kusikiliza lalamiko lililowasilishwa kwake na Mwanasheria Mkuu dhidi ya Bi. Fatma Amani Karume na uwezekano mkubwa wa kuwepo upendeleo au muonekano wa upendeleo;
  3. Kupokelewa kwa ushahidi wa kieletroniki wakati shauri linaendelea ambao haukuambatanishwa kwenye lalamiko au katika Orodha ya Nyaraka zitakazotumiwa (kama ilikuwepo);
  4. Ukubwa na ukali wa adhabu; na
  5. Taathira ya uamuzi huo kwa uwakili/utetezi na uhuru wa mawakili Tanzania Bara.

Baraza la Uongozi, kupitia kwa Raisi wa TLS, liliwasiliana na Wakili Fatma Amani Karume ambaye alisema hakubaliani kabisa na uamuzi huo na yu tayari kukata rufani.  Na hivyo basi, Baraza la Uongozi likizingatia wajibu wake mkubwa iliopewa na kifungu cha 4(1)(d) cha Sheria ya Chama cha Mawakili Tanganyika (Tanganyika Law Society Act Cap 307 R.E. 2002) unaoitaka TLS “kuwawakilisha, kuwalinda, na kuwasaidia wana taaluma wa sheria nchini Tanzania kuhusu hali ya utendaji kazi za sheria au vinginevyoliliazimia kwa kauli moja kutoa msaada wake kwa mwanachama wake, Fatma Amani Karume, kukata rufani dhidi ya uamuzi wote huo na Amri Andikwa ya Kamati ya Mawakili, na litampa msaada wote wa kisheria litakaloweza katika rufani yake kwa Jopo la Majaji Watatu wa Mahakama Kuu ya Jamhuri ya Muungano ya Tanzania.

Limetolewa Jijini Dar es Salaam kwa Amri ya Baraza la Uongozi leo tarehe 6 Octoba 2020

Dkt. Rugemeleza A.K. Nshala


Pata nakala ya kingereza hapa.

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Dear Members,

Please be informed that TLS Law reports are now sold through our official Agent, DEMO Innovators Limited.

We, therefore, encourage you to place your order to Demo Innovators when you need a copy of the TLS law report.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact them via the following contacts;

Tel: +255767794848, +255766193544.





Dear Counsel,

As we previously informed you TLS has negotiated with National Health Insurance (NHIF) special rate for health cover for TLS members, the rate offered by NHIF under the proposed arrangement with TLS will be TSH: 1,056,000 for each Advocate with spouse plus his/her 4 beneficiaries (Children) per year.

So far we have 1,157 members who have shown interest, but the offer requires a list of 1500 Members.  We, therefore, kindly encourage members to grab this opportunity before the offer lapses by submitting your name, chapter, date of birth, email, and mobile phone via  Law firms can send a list of all its partners and employees who are advocates containing all the details above. TLS is negotiating to include employees who are non-advocates but for now, this offer covers only advocates.

If you have submitted your name previously you need not register, cross-check your name in the attached file.


African Court Coalition Online Capacity Building Training on the Engagement with the Africa


African Court Coalition Online Capacity Building Training for Legal Practitioners on the Engagement with the African Court and African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Supported by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) under the Financial Support of SIDA

Objective: The main objective of the online capacity building training is to enhance knowledge of legal practitioners and enable effective engagement with the African Court and African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Trainees will also be equipped with knowledge on the available implementation mechanisms and effective ways to follow up on the implementation of decisions of the African Court and African Commission.

Targeted Participants: Legal practitioners working with Civil Society Organisations and Human Rights Institutions in Africa. Preference will be given to legal practitioners who have been actively involved in human rights-related work in Africa in the last 2 years.

Training Modules and Dates: The online capacity building training will be divided into 4 Modules (Please see table below). Each module shall not exceed a maximum of 3 hours.

Module Date Time Topic
Module 1 1 October  2020 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM Arusha Time (EA) Rules of Procedures of the African Court and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
Module 2 8 October 2020 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM Arusha Time (EA) Strategic engagement with the African Court and African Commission and lessons from other Regional Human Rights systems
Module 3 12 October 2020 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM Arusha Time (EA) Inclusion of Gender issues while engaging with the African Court and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
Module 4 16 October 2020 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM Arusha Time (EA) Implementation mechanisms at national and regional level and effective tools to follow up on Implementation of decisions of the African Court and African Commission

Language: The training workshop will be carried in the English language with the simultaneous interpretation of French and Portuguese.

Participation criteria: To be considered for participation, applicants must complete the application form available on the African Court Coalition website (see link below) and attach a one-page curriculum vitae in PDF version.

All applicants must complete and submit the registration form which can be found online at

Online application forms must be sent no later than 27th September 2020.

For Inquiries contact the Coalition Secretariat at and a copy to

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the online capacity building training has been moved to start in October 2020 instead of 9th September 2020 as initially announced  This change has been made to allow publication of the new Revised Rules of Procedure of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights which will be officially publicized on 25th September 2020. If you have already sent an application before this change please do not resend.


Hon. Mustapher Siyani, the Judge In Charge of the High Court of Tanzania, Dodoma Zone officiated the capacity building training to eighty-five Juvenile Justice Frontline Workers to Enhance Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Violence.

The five days training which was conducted on 24th – 28th August 2020 organized by Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) in collaboration with the Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA), Lushoto under the support of USAID through PACT under a project named; Faith & Community Initiative: Engaging the Criminal Justice Sector.

The overall objective of the training was to provide Juvenile Court personnel (Magistrates, Prosecutors, Social Welfare Officers (SWOs), Advocates, Clerks, etc.) with knowledge and skills to implement the Law of the Child Act of 2009 and Law of the Child (Juvenile Court Procedure) Rules, of 2017 effectively and to handle children’s cases in the Juvenile Court accordingly. Along with that, there were specific objectives which are;

  1. To facilitate understanding among participants on the aims, objectives, and overriding principles for handling cases in the Juvenile Court, including principles from domestic and international law, to facilitate understanding of the requirements of the Law of the Child Act (Juvenile Court Procedure) Rules on the operation of the Court.
  2. To facilitate understanding of the child protection role of the Juvenile Court, to provide technical knowledge and concrete examples of best practices for the Juvenile Court, and;
  3. To facilitate the exchange of ideas amongst participants about the delivery of justice in cases in the Juvenile Court.

The training was conducted in Dodoma region at Royal village Hotel and the Justice Frontline workers trained involved Resident Magistrates working in Primary and District Courts, Public Prosecutors, and Social Welfare Officers working under the respective Local Government Authorities. These participants came from Dodoma, Morogoro, Tabora  Shinyanga  Bukoba, Dar Es Salaam,  Iringa,  Mara, Mwanza,  Tabora, and Singida regions.

Speaking during the opening remarks, The Tanganyika Law Society Representative, advocate Mary Munissi, The TLS Chapter Convener Dodoma Chapter, welcomed participants to the training on behalf of the President of the Tanganyika Law Society. The Chapter Convener explained that TLS decided to collaborate with the Judicial Institute of Administration (IJA) to create awareness to Magistrates, Prosecutors, and Social Welfare Officers on the Law of the Child Act of 2009 and Law of the Child (Juvenile Court Procedure) Rules, of 2016 in implementation of its statutory mandate to assist the Judiciary and the Government to ensure access to justice for all especially children who are among the vulnerable members of the society.

Ms. Mary Munissi extended her appreciation to PACT for funding the initiative and to IJA for collaborating with TLS to implement the project by availing facilitators within the short timeframe in which the project is to be implemented

TLS representative further urged that the training should be replicated to privacy advocates as they too are key stakeholders in the implementation of the Law of the Child Act especially where a child needs legal representation. In addition to advocates, other key stakeholders who would benefit from the training include police officers especially from the children and gender desk and prison officers.

The facilitator’s team for this training includes

Hon. Nyigulila Mwaseba Deputy Registrar& focal person on the child rights justice –Main Registry, Dar es Salaam.
Mr. Darius K. Damas


Principal Social Welfare Officer-Upanga Retention Home, Dar es salaam.
Miss. Tundonde Mwihomeke Assistant Lecturer; Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA).
Hon. Sophia Wambura Judge of the High Court of Tanzania Deputy Dar es Salaam Zone
Ms.Mwanabaraka Mnyukwa Lecturer and focal person for the Training on Child Justice-IJA-Lushoto.
Ms. Asha Mbaruku Social Welfare officer In charge – Kisutu Juvenile Court.

During the training the focused area was on general principles for handling criminal proceedings involving children in the juvenile Court, Support for the child in Court – Who should attend child case? Police bail, Charge and arrest, and related court decisions, Court hearings, and Evidence, Child-friendly Courts and Child participation on criminal cases, sentencing, just to mention a few. Further, the training also focused on the general principles/objectives in civil proceedings involving children.

The same training program was extended in two other regions including; Morogoro and Ruvuma during the same month of August 2020.  Therefore the training covered 13 councils such as Dodoma Municipal Council, Kondoa District Council, Chemba District Council, Kongwa District Council, Bahi District Council, Kilosa District Council, Morogoro Municipal Council, Kilombero District Council, Songea Municipal Council, Songea DC, Mbinga Town Council, and Tunduru DC.

For more information on regarding what happened during the training and how participants benefited kindly WAKILI TV, an online TV through the following links under the hashtag #ijuesheria;




Risala ya Raisi wa TLS (Dr. Rugemeleza A.K Nshala) Katika Siku ya Kutoa Heshima na Maziko ya Mzee Mark Dahni Bomani tarehe14 Septemba 2020

Mpendwa wakili na wananchi kwa ujumla, ifuatayo ni Risala ya Raisi wa TLS (Dr. Rugemeleza A.K Nshala) Katika Siku ya Kutoa Heshima na Maziko ya Mzee Mark Dahni Bomani jana tarehe 14 Septemba 2020

bofya hapa ==>



Dear Member,

As we previously informed  you on  the untimely death of our most Senior Counsel who was an active member of the Society,  His Lordship, Justice (Rtd) Mark Danhi Bomani Roll No. 251, who passed away today morning, 11th September, 2020 at  Muhimbili Hospital , where he was undergoing medical treatment.

This is to inform you that, last respects and mass for the late, His Lordship, Justice (Rtd) Mark Danhi Bomani will be held Monday 14th  September 2020  from 1000hrs  at Karimjee Hall, and thereafter the burial services will take place evening at his farm residence Goba Dar es Salaam.

We kindly encourage you to attend the last respects and burial, in honor of our dearly departed friend and colleague.

Advocates should attend dressed in bibs and robe




Notice on TLS Secretariat Annual Implementation Review

Dear Valued Member,

Greetings from TLS Secretariat,

This is to kindly inform you that, the TLS Secretariat will be traveling to Dodoma for Annual Review Session, Capacity building for the TLS Action Plan, Capacity Building for TLS’ Chapters Staff, and Monitoring of Implementation of TLS Projects to be held from 14th to 18th July 2020.

During this period the distribution of members IDs will continue at the headquarter offices for those advocates whose names are on the attached list. IDs for Advocates in Chapters will be transported to respective Chapter leaders/Chapter officers in charge for collection.


Advocates who have already renewed their practicing licenses but have not yet received their IDs and are not on the attached list are kindly requested to complete their information on the “Chapter Section” to update the Chapter they belong to their personal Wakili account on   Wakili Database so that their IDs can also be processed.

For urgent issues on payments kindly contact; 0783 464 608 – Victor Mbuligwe

For urgent issues on members services & welfare contact; 0652 426 660 – Anastazia Muro

For urgent issue on Wakili Database kindly contact; 0779 939 038 – Philipo Lubuva

Please note that from 20th July 2020 all services and activities shall fully resume at the TLS headquarter and Chapters.



|Tanganyika Law Society Secretariat

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