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Call for Comments on the Upcoming Bills &Miscellaneous Amendment 2020

Greetings from Tanganyika Law Society!

TLS has received the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendment) of 2020 and two Bills  (Attached herein) which are due for your comments by 15th March 2020.

The Miscellaneous Amendment seeks to amend the following;

1.The Advocate Act,( Cap 341)

2.The Agricultural Inputs Trust Fund Act,( Cap 401)

3.The Electricity Act, (Cap. 131)

4.The Fertilizers Act, (Cap. 378)

5.The Forest Act, (Cap. 323)

6.The Grazing land and animal feed resources Act, (Cap.180)

7.The Interpretation of laws Act, (Cap. 1)

8.The Labour Institutions Act, (Cap. 300)

9.The National Defence Act, (Cap. 192)

  1. The National Parks Act, (Cap. 282)

11.The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Act, (Cap. 284)

12.The Seeds Act, (Cap. 308)

  1. The Sugar Industry Act, (Cap. 251)
  2. The Wildlife Conservation Act, (Cap. 283)

Kindly send your comments to copying and


Download here ==>


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”THE WRITTEN LAWS (MISCELLANEOUS AMENDMENTS) BILL, 2020″]

The Plant Health  Bill, 2020

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”-THE PLANT HEALTH BILL, 2020 (1)”]

The Deep Sea Fisheries Management and Development Bill, 2020.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”THE DEEP SEA FISHERIES MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT BILL, 2020 (1)”]



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