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Notice on TLS Secretariat Annual Implementation Review

Dear Valued Member,

Greetings from TLS Secretariat,

This is to kindly inform you that, the TLS Secretariat will be traveling to Dodoma for Annual Review Session, Capacity building for the TLS Action Plan, Capacity Building for TLS’ Chapters Staff, and Monitoring of Implementation of TLS Projects to be held from 14th to 18th July 2020.

During this period the distribution of members IDs will continue at the headquarter offices for those advocates whose names are on the attached list. IDs for Advocates in Chapters will be transported to respective Chapter leaders/Chapter officers in charge for collection.


Advocates who have already renewed their practicing licenses but have not yet received their IDs and are not on the attached list are kindly requested to complete their information on the “Chapter Section” to update the Chapter they belong to their personal Wakili account on   Wakili Database so that their IDs can also be processed.

For urgent issues on payments kindly contact; 0783 464 608 – Victor Mbuligwe

For urgent issues on members services & welfare contact; 0652 426 660 – Anastazia Muro

For urgent issue on Wakili Database kindly contact; 0779 939 038 – Philipo Lubuva

Please note that from 20th July 2020 all services and activities shall fully resume at the TLS headquarter and Chapters.



|Tanganyika Law Society Secretariat


Mapema leo, TLS imewakutanisha wajumbe wa kamati hii na kujadili kwa pamoja mipango mikakati ya kuimarisha na  kuleta ufanisi katika huduma ya msaada wa kisheria kuanzia ngazi ya jamii na kuhakikisha huduma hiyo inamfikia muhitaji kwa wepesi na kwa ubora stahiki.

Kamati hiyo imejadili kwa mapana kazi za kamati ambazo ni pamoja na;-

  • Kuimarisha ushirikiano na mahusiano miongoni mwa wadau wanaojishughulisha na masuala ya utoaji wa huduma za msaada wa kisheria,
  • Kuimarisha uwezo wa wadau katika ngazi zote, kuwezesha na kusaidia huduma ya msaada wa kisheria inayotolewa na wadau.
  • Kutumia vyombo vya habari kwa ajili ya kuhabarisha umma kuhusu upatikanajki wa msaada wa kisheria na kuhamasisha jamii juu ya masuala ya haki.
  • Kubuni mbinu na mikakati itakayowezesha upatikanaji wa huduma ya msaada wa kisheria kwa wananchi katika ngazi ya chini kwa urahisi na wepesi.
  • Kushiriki, kuandaa na kutekeleza maadhimisho ya kitaifa, kikanda, kimkoa yenye lengo la kuwafikia wahitaji kwa wingi na kwa muda mfupi.
  • Kufanya ufatiliaji na tathimini ya shughuli za msaada wa kisheria katika ngazi za mkoa na halmashauri ili kuhakikisha kuwa utoaji wa huduma za kisheria unatolewa kwa mujibu wa Sheria za Msaada wa kisheria Na. 1 ya 2017, pamoja na kanuni na miongozo mbalimbali inayotolewa chini ya sheria.

Wajumbe wa kamati hiyo waliohudhulia ni pamoja na  Muwakilishi wa Mkurugenzi wa Mashtaka (NPS), Afisa kutoka Dawati la Jinsia la Polisi, Afisa kutoka Jeshi la Magereza, Wawakilishi wa wadau wa Mawendeleo, Afisa Ustawi wa Jamii ngazi ya Wilaya, Muwakilishi wa Chama cha Mawakili Tanganyika ngazi ya mkoa Bwana Godfrey G Mwansoho ambae kikao hiki kimemteua kuwa mwanyekiti wa kamati hiyo, wadau wengine ni pamoja na Viongozi wa Dini, Muwakilishi wa Vyombo vya Habari, vyombo vya habari pamoja na Msaidizi wa Msaada wa kisheria.

Wadau hawa wametoa wito kwa wananchi kuhakikisha wanajenga mazoea ya kuyapeka matatizo yao madogomadogo katika ngazi za awali ambazo ni za wasaidizi wa kisheria ili wapate huduma hiyo bure kwani wengi wamekuwa wakikimbilia kufungua kesi Mahakam hata katika masuala madogo ambayo yangeweza kuamuliwa na kusuluhishwa na wasaidizi wa kisheria

Ili kuwapata wasaidizi wa kisheria, fika katika ofisi ya Kijiji, kata au wilaya, ulizia wasaidizi wa kisheia na utapata msaada!



Compulsory Induction Seminar for Newly Admitted Advocates & Admission Ceremony

Dear Member,

This is to inform you that, TLS in collaboration with Judiciary, has organized Compulsory Induction Seminars for the newly admitted advocate, who will be admitted to the bar on 10th July 2020. The Induction seminar will be conducted Online through Zoom Meeting Application for 2 days, from 8th July to 9th July 2020.

The fee for the CLE Seminar is Tshs. 40,000  with 4 CLE Points and payment  will be done through Wakili database

Take note that, for newly admitted advocates will be required to attain 5 CLE Points at the end of the year 2020 for them to be able to renewal their PC for the years 2021, therefore you are encouraged to attend more seminars to attain 5 or more CLE Points.

Kindly  find attached How to pay Instructions, Program for TLS CLE seminar and Program of Judiciary seminar

NB: After payment for the seminar visit your Wakili Database account then click the seminar you have paid and click zoom registration link to register. The link to participate in the seminar will be sent to your email.

For any query kindly call 0779 626281 or channel your concern to

Further, members who wish to come to TLS Office (Wakili House) to use our conference facilities to participate in the Online CLE Seminar and Admission Ceremony are warmly welcomed. Those who will participate in the Admission Ceremony are encouraged to register their names via by end of working hours on  9th July 2020. Note that venue capacity is only for 300 people therefore ‘first come first served basis’ will be considered.

Kindly download it here.   

Admission Time table ===>

Time Table Seminar ==>

How to Pay ==>

Welcome to the Bar Association.


|Tanganyika Law Society Secretariat

|Plot No. 391|Chato Street|Regent Estate

|P.O. Box 2148, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania;


Dear Member,

Kindly be informed that the Governing Council held an Extra-Ordinary Meeting on 01st June 2020 and among other things resolved that, the Online CLE seminars to be reduced to TZS. 20,000/= per seminar.

Link to participate in the seminar can be accessed through your Wakili database account once you have paid.


Dear valued members,

We have been directed by the Council to send the attached Regulations drafted by the TLS Drafting Committee for your comments before being enacted by the Council and submitted to the Attorney General Office for publishing in the Government gazette.

You are kindly requested to send your comments in respect of all the attached Regulations not later than Monday, 01st June 2020 at 01.00 PM.

Kindly download==>

We thank you in advance for taking your precious time to review the draft Regulations and send us your comments on the indicated date.

Kind Regards,

TLS Secretariat.


Dear Member,

This is to inform you that, the IBA Pro Bono Award and IBA Outstanding Young Lawyer Award have both launched.

Attached is the flyer for application and more information on both awards can be found here:

Miami 2020 Awards A5 flyer

Kindly visit and apply ==>

Don’t miss this opportunity.


Dear Esteemed Learned Brothers and Sisters,

I have the greatest honor to write to you, on behalf of your Governing Council, giving you an update on the state of the TLS, in particular, the election of its leadership, a task that is supposed to be carried out annually between March and April every year. Unfortunately, this year, we have not been able to hold the election within those two months due to a series of events that rendered it impossible to hold them.  To start with I wish to extend your Governing Council’s words of condolences for those who have lost their loved ones due to the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) and those who have relatives suffering from this global pandemic. This disease has not and does not deprive the bereaved families of their loved ones but the opportunity to bury them and closure as well. We urge all of you, and all fellow Tanzanians, to take good care of ourselves to defeat this pandemic. Your Governing Council understands that our legal practices have been severely impacted by COVID-19 and that most of us are struggling to make the ends meet. We do say Poleni Sana and we urge you and ourselves to persevere and surely, we shall overcome.

In November 2019 your Governing Council learned that the Government was planning to table to the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania, a Bill known as The Written Laws Miscellaneous Amendments (No.8 of 2019) in January 2020. Your Governing Council thought that the Bill if passed, was going to profoundly change our Society’s institutional structure as well as powers and rights of the members in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Bill also geared at introducing 7 Zone Chapters and make each zone to be represented in the Governing Council by one person and end the direct election of members of the Governing Council by the AGM. It did not end there, as it also sought to introduce a two one-year tenure of members of the Governing Council including the President, Vice President, and the Honorary Treasury and statutorily establish the position of the Executive Director and the manners of removing him from office, hitherto, employed contractually by the Governing Council.

Your Governing Council convened immediately on the 19th of November 2019 and after long but methodical deliberations it decided that the intended amendments needed the considerations of all members of TLS in their respective Chapters. The Secretariat was told to inform members of this resolution and that members should convene and hold their respective extraordinary chapter general meeting to deliberate on the proposed amendments and give their views. Chapters leaders were to submit the views of their members to the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee.  Your Governing Council was heartened by the rapid and enthusiastic responses of the members. The Chapters meetings were held in early December 2019. Thereafter the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee sifted through the views and came up with a series of recommendations that were submitted to the Governing Council.

Members were almost unanimous while airing their views, that their right to elect their leaders should not be taken away, zonal offices and a representative AGM were going to overburden TLS as they entail huge financial outlays on TLS. They were of the view that the two-one-year term for the President, Vice President, Honorary Treasury and 8 Members of the Governing Council was not good to the Society as it is going to keep the current system of electing TLS leaders annually instead of a two or three-year term proposed by TLS members.

In January 2020 TLS presented its views to the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania in writing as well as during the public hearing on the 17th of January 2020. TLS pointed clearly the flaws of the said Bill and how it was going to not only overburden it financially but it will somewhat deprive members of their right to elect their leaders and hold them to account directly. The zonal offices pose a threat of planting “zonalism” in the Society instead of nationhood in the minds of the members.    Unfortunately, when the Parliament met it almost passed the Bill the way it was first submitted by the Government. The President of the United Republic of Tanzania assented to it on the 14th of February 2020 and the law is now in force.

Following the passage of the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No 1 of 2020 the Governing Council met on the 7th of February 2020 and decided the following that:

  1. That the AGM should be held in Arusha on 25th of April 2020 and it is to be preceded by the General Elections of the Society to be held on the 23rd of April 2020 and that the Annual General Conference be held on the 24th of April;
  2. That the Governing Council should invoke its powers to invite members to take part in the AGM, Annual Conference and the General Elections of the Society; and
  3. That the Nominations Committee should be informed of these decisions and the members as well.

Unfortunately, a few days later the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee, Mr. Tom Nyanduga resigned from his position for undisclosed personal reasons. This had had huge ramifications. Your Governing Council was forced to make a search for a new Chairperson of this important committee, the position that is traditionally held by a former president of the Tanganyika Law Society.

It took some time to find a former President ready to step in and become the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee. On the 21st of February 2020 Mr. Charles Rwechungura, former president, agreed and the Nominations Committee met on the 29th of February 2020 and upon deliberating on the task ahead of it was of the view that the elections process could not take place under the TLS Elections Regulations GN No 116 of 2018, the TLS AGM could not be properly constituted following the amendment of the TLS Act, there was a need to convene an extraordinary General Meeting to deliberate on the amendment’s implications and that where possible there is a need to meet with the Attorney General to appraise him on the legal crisis caused by the amendments.

Your Governing Council met on the 3rd of March 2020 to receive the Nominations Committee’s recommendations and the status of the TLS leadership as it tenure is supposed to come to an end in April 2020. After much deliberations, it was resolved that:

  1. The TLS leadership will continue to exist as per section 31(b) of the Interpretation of Laws Act so as to ensure a smooth transition of leadership from the current one to the new one after the elections are held;
  2. The Drafting Committee should draft the Elections Guidelines to be used to provide guidance on the positions created by the Written Laws Miscellaneous Amendment Act No 1 of 2020 within 4 days.
  3. That the Governing Council should meet immediately thereafter meet to deliberate on the Guidelines.

On the 7th and 8th of March 2020 the Drafting Committee met and drafted the Elections Guidelines which were later on approved by the Governing Council on the 13th of March 2020.

In its meeting of the 13th day of March 2020 the Governing Council also established seven (7) TLS Zones i.e. Mzizima, Bagamoyo, Northern, Western, Lake, Southern, and Central.   The Governing Council also established six new chapters: Kinondoni, Ilala, Temeke, Ubungo, Kigamboni, and Pwani. The six chapters arise out of Dar es Salaam Chapter which due to the fact that 70% of all practicing advocates in the country are in Dar es Salaam and that since the annual general meeting is primarily a representative one then to ensure that advocates from Dar es Salaam region receive a fair representation then each district in Dar es Salaam should become a chapter.

The Governing Council was further informed that since the TLS Elections Regulations require the issuance of a 60-day notice before elections are held, then there was no way the AGM could be held on the 25th day of April 2020. It was on that basis that the Governing Council was forced to push back the AGM to be held between the 22nd to the 27th of June 2020. It was further resolved that the TLS Annual Conference be held in the morning to the afternoon of the 25th day of June 2020; the General Elections be on the 25th to the 26th day of 2020. That the pre-AGM be held from the 22nd to the 24th of June 2020. That given the shortness of time all pre-AGM, Society General Elections will be held in Arusha. The Governing Council invoked its powers to invite all members to take part in all these important meetings.  Members, however, have as usual the right to choose the CLE seminars they wish to attend.

On the 19th day of March, the Nominations Committee prepared the Timeline for the General Election by the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee also resolved that the Call for Nominations be issued to all members with a deadline being the 14th day of April 2020. The Secretariat on the 25th day of March 2020 sent the Elections Guidelines of 2020 together with TLS Elections Regulations GN 116 of 2018 to the members which were followed with the Call for Nominations on the 1st day of April 2020.  It needs to be remembered that on the 31st day of March 2020 the Secretariat published/circulated the Annual Conference, General Meeting and the AGM Notice to the members.

That was the state of affairs until the 15th day of April 2020 when TLS President received a letter from the Attorney General questioning the legality of the TLS Elections Guidelines and the elections that will be guided by it. The AG insists that the new election regulations be promulgated first before elections are held and that the current leadership of TLS continues to hold office until the proper elections are held as per the new regulations citing section 45 of the Interpretation of Laws Act Cap 1 R.E. 2002. Given its huge legal implications your Governing Council met virtually on the 17th day of April 2020 and decided to do the following:

  1. That the Drafting Committee to convene immediately and prepare a draft TLS Elections Regulation 2020 incorporating the guidance provided in the Guidelines;
  2. To prepare a response to the AG’s letter;
  3. Seek a meeting with the Attorney General to appraise him on the status of the TLS elections as well as the legal import of the Elections Guidelines, together with the desire of the Your Governing Council to hold the elections as scheduled; and
  4. Members be informed of all these developments so as to know what is going on.

It is your Governing Council’s hope that this rendition of the series of events has put you in the picture and removed any lingering questions as to the status of the TLS elections. Your Governing Council is keen to see that the elections are held as scheduled barring any outside force or event. We do urge all members to take TLS to continue taking TLS’s affairs seriously and also vie for positions to fill all positions that by law become vacant each year and the new positions.  Your Governing Council will keep you informed on any new developments.

Issued by the order of the Governing Council on the 27th day of April 2020.


Dr. Rugemeleza A.K. Nshala



Ndugu Watanzania,

Mnamo tarehe 16 Machi 2020, Serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano ya Tanzania, kupitia kwa Waziri wa Afya, Jinsia na Watoto, Mh Ummy Mwalimu, ilitangaza kuingia nchini kwa ugonjwa wa virusi vya korona baada ya mgonjwa mmoja kugundulika mkoani Arusha. Hadi Jumamosi ya tarehe 18 Aprili 2020 wagonjwa 147 wamegundulika nchini, huku watano kati yao wakipoteza maisha. Kwa hiyo ndani ya mwezi mmoja tu idadi ya wagonjwa imeongezeka kwa kiwango kikubwa sana kwa vipimo vya asilimia. Siku moja tu, baadae, yaani tarehe 17 Machi 2020 Waziri Mkuu aliamuru kufungwa kwa shule zote nchini na baada ya siku chache amri hii ilivikumba vyuo vyote ambavyo wanafunzi wake walikuwa likizo.

Sambamba na kufungwa kwa vyuo, Serikali ilizuia mikutano na mikusanyiko ya watu wengi katika sehemu mbalimbali isipokuwa misiba na ibada za kidini. Aidha, ilitaka usafiri wa umma uzingatie uwezo wa upakiaji wa kila gari na hivyo kuzuia upakiaji wa abiria zaidi ya idadi ya viti vya kuketi katika gari.  Haikuishia hapo, ikataka wananchi kufuata ushauri wa wataalamu wa afya, na kunawa mikono yao kwa sabuni na vitakasaji, na kutumia vichuja pumzi (masks/barakoa) ili kuzuia maambukizi kati ya mgonjwa na yule asiye na ugonjwa. Hatua nyingine ni kuepuka mbanano wa watu popote pale walipo na hivyo kuhakikisha umbali-jamii  wa walau mita moja na nusu kati ya mtu na mtu.

Shirika la Afya Ulimwenguni (WHO) limeutangaza ugonjwa wa virusi vya korona maarufu kama COVID-19, kuwa ni baa la dunia.  Tangazo hilo linaaminisha kuwa nchi zote duniani ni waathirika wa ugonjwa huo na kuwa mikakati na juhudi za pamoja lazima zielekezwe kupambana na ugonjwa huo. Hadi tarehe 18 Aprili 2020 idadi ya wagonjwa wa ugonjwa huu duniani ni 2,258,909 na vifo ni 154,388 huku Marekani, Italia, Hispania na Uingereza zikiwa ndizo zinazoongoza kwa idadi ya wagonjwa na vifo.

Licha ya kuwa ugonjwa huu umezikumba karibu nchi zote duniani, nchi ambazo zilichukua hatua kamili zisizo na mlegezo wowote hivi sasa zimeweza kudhibiti kuenea kwa ugonjwa huu. Nchi hizo ni Korea ya Kusini, Ujerumani, Denmark, Norway, na hata majirani zetu wa Uganda na Rwanda. Korea-Kusini na Ujerumani ziliweka mkazo katika zuio la watu kutoka nje na upimaji wa watu kwa idadi kubwa ili kubaini walioambukizwa na kuweza kuwatoa katika jamii, kuwafahamu wale waliokutana nao, na kuweza kuwatibu. Aidha, Korea Kusini iliwataka wananchi wake kuvaa vichuja pumzi muda wote wanapokuwa wametoka nje. Ujerumani nayo iliwekeza sana katika kupima watu, kuwabaini wagonjwa, kuwapeleka wagonjwa katika hospitali maalumu na kuwapatia matibabu. Nchi za Italia, Hispania, na Marekani kwa upande mwingine zilichelewa kuchukua hatua kamili za kuzuia mikusanyiko ya watu, sherehe, na huduma za maisha ya kawaida. Zilikuja kuzinduka na kuweka mazuio makali wakati ugonjwa umeingia na kusambaa sana na hivyo hatua walizochukua ni za kuchelewa ambazo zilikuwa ni za kupambana na moto wa gesi. Madhara ya kuchelewa yamesababisha watu wengi kupoteza maisha yao na kuparaganyika kwa chumi zao.  Marekani ambayo hadi tarehe 20 Januari 2020 ilikuwa na mgonjwa mmoja sasa ina wagonjwa 759,786 na zaidi ya vifo 40,683.

TLS kwa kutambua wajibu wake wa kisheria chini ya kifungu cha 4 cha Sheria ya Chama cha Sheria cha Tanganyika (Tanganyika Law Society Act) kinachoipa majukumu ya kutoa ushauri wa kisheria kwa Serikali, Bunge, Mahakama na umma, na kuongozwa na jukumu azizi ambalo kila mwananchi wa Tanzania analo chini ya Ibara ya 14 ya Katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania isemayo: “14. Kila mtu anayo haki ya kuishi na kupata kutoka kwa jamii hifadhi ya maisha yake, kwa mujibu wa sheria.”, inapenda kutoa ushauri huu kwa wadau wake wote yaani Serikali, Bunge, Mahakama, na watu wote waishio nchini Tanzania:

a. Kuwekwa marufuku ya mikusanyiko ya watu katika sehemu mbambali ikiwa ni pamoja kwenye baa, sherehe za harusi na za kijamii, mikutano ya viongozi wa Serikali isipokuwa ya kiutendaji ya kamati maalumu za kupambana na baa la ugonjwa wa korona. Ieleweke kuwa zuio hili halitagusa watu wa sekta za afya, ulinzi na usalama, bandari na usafirishaji wa bidhaa zinazotakiwa kutumika nchini na nje ya nchi. Ila wafanyakazi wote hawa lazima wapewe vifaa vya kujikinga na maambukizi;

b. Kuweka utaratibu mzuri wa watu kuingia na kutoka masokoni kujipatia mahitaji yao ikiwa ni pamoja na kuanzisha masoko-mitaa katika siku maalumu za wiki kwa watu kujipatia mahitaji yao ya msingi;

c. Kuwekwa karantini ya watu wote kutoka nje ya nyumba zao kwa muda wa siku 21 nchini kote ili kuweza kuzuia kuendelea kusambaa kwa ugonjwa huu nchini hii ni kuongozwa na kanuni ya kuzuia (precautionary principle) au kuzuia ni bora kuliko tiba ambayo ni kanuni ya 15 ya Azimio la Rio na ni moja ya kanuni za msingi za ulinzi wa mazingira na afya ya watu zilizoanishwa na kifungu cha 7(3)(c) cha Sheria ya Utunzaji Mazingira ya Mwaka 2004 na vifungu 4(1)(a)-(d), 9(2) na 12(1) vya Sheria ya Afya Jamii Namba 1 ya Mwaka 2009 pamoja na Kanuni za Kimataifa za Afya za Mwaka 2005 ambazo ni sehemu ya Sheria ya Afya Jamii ya Mwaka 2009;

d. Kuhakikisha kuwa madaktari, wauguzi na wote wanawahudumia wagonjwa wa virusi vya korona wanapewa nguo na vifaa vya kutosha vya kujikinga na maambukizi;

e. Kwa kuwa mfungo wa Ramadhani unatarajiwa kuanza wiki hii, Serikali iweke mkazo wa kuhakikisha kuwa vyakula vya muhimu vitakiwavyo vinapatikana kwa bei nafuu na kuuzwa kwa utaratibu mzuri ambao utazuia maambukizi;

f. Sambamba na zuio la aina ya karantini usafiri wa umma na binafsi upigwe marufuku kwa muda wa siku 21 ili kuweza kuzuia kusambazwa kwa ugonjwa huu;

g. Kuanzishwa kwa mkakati maalumu wa kupima watu nchini ili kuweza kuwabaini watu ambao wameambukizwa ambao wanajijua au wasiojijua kama zilivyofanya na zinavyofanya nchi za Korea Kusini, Ujerumani, na hata majirani zetu wa Rwanda, Kenya na Uganda,

h. Kunyunyizia dawa katika miji na mitaa mbalimbali hapa nchini ili kuua virusi wa ugonjwa wa korona,

i. Kutoa msamaha wa kulipa mikopo na marejesho ya malipo ya mikopo kwa muda wa miezi mitatu kwa watu waliokopa kutoka taasisi za fedha nchini;

j. Serikali kuhakikisha kuwa vifaa vya kujikinga na ugonjwa huu vinagawiwa na kusambazwa kwa wananchi bure au kwa bei nafuu kabisa huku Mamlaka za Maji zikiweka kiwango cha maji ambacho hakitatozwa tozo za kila mwezi kama njia ya kukabiliana na ugonjwa huu;

k. Serikali kuandaa na kutekeleza mkakati maalumu wa kuziokoa sekta za kiuchumi nchini ambazo zimeathiriwa kutokana na baa la ugonjwa huu;

l. Benki kuweka mkakati wa makusudi kuirejea na kuihusha mikataba ya mikopo kutokana na wakopaji wao kukabiliwa na hali ngumu ya kiuchumi kutokana na baa hili kwa kutumia kanuni ya nguvu isiyohimilika (farce majeure);

m. Aidha, kuzuia kutozwa kodi ya pango kwa waajiri na wafanya biashara kwa kipindi cha miezi mitatu kama njia ya kutoa nafuu kwa waajiri na wafanya biashara kutokana na mdororo mkubwa wa uchumi uliosababishwa na baa la ugonjwa wa korona;

n. Kusamehewa kulipa kodi kwa kipindi cha miezi mitatu kwa Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania kwa wafanya biashara na waajiri ambao shughuli zao zimeathiwa na ugonjwa huu;

o. Kuanzishwa kwa mpango maalumu wa kugawa na kusambaza vyakula kwa familia zenye uwezo mdogo wakati wote wa kipindi cha karantini ya siku 21;

p. Kuboreshwa kwa mfumo wa afya jamii ili kuwezesha kukabiliana na milipuko ya pili na ya tatu ya ugonjwa huu kwani kwa mujibu wa historia ya mabaa ya magonjwa ya maangamizi kama huu wa korona, mlipuko wa kwanza hufuatiwa na milipuko mingine ya pili na ya tatu;

q. Kuheshimu bila kuyumba au kejeli umuhimu wa kutunza na kulinda mazingira nchini ikiwa ni pamoja na sheria za mipango mijini, na afya jamii;

r. Serikali iombe msaada kutoka taasisi za kidunia na nchi kupata rasilimali fedha za kupambana na baa hili pamoja na kusamehewa kulipa madeni yake kutokana na uchumu wake kuathiriwa kwa baa hili;

s. Waajiri kuweka utaratibu wa wafanyakazi wao kufanya kazi wakiwa nyumbani kwa shughuli zile ambazo zinaweza kufanywa wafanyakazi wakiwa nyumbani ili kupunguza kuparaganyika kwa uchumi nchini;

t. Kufuatwa na kuheshimiwa kwa Sheria ya Afya Jamii Namba 1 ya Mwaka 2009 ambayo imeanisha madaraka ya Waziri, Maafisa Afya wa Mikoa na Wilaya pamoja na mamlaka ya kuwaweka wagonjwa karantini;

u. Kurekebisha Sheria ya Afya Jamii na kutoa Mamlaka kwa Waziri wa Afya kutangaza kwa baa au janga la ugonjwa wa maangamizi, maambukizi na mlipuko wa kitaifa na kimataifa na hatua zinazotakiwa kufuatwa na kila mwananchi katika eneo husika ili kuzuia au kukabiliana na baa hilo;

v. Wananchi watumie tiba za asili zinazofahamika za kupambana na magonjwa ya maambukizi ya hewa kama sehemu ya kujikinga na kujiepusha na ugonjwa huu bila kuacha kufuata mashariti ya wataalamu wa afya;

w. Kuboreshwa kwa Sheria ya Afya Jamii Namba 1 ya Mwaka 2009 ili kuunda taasisi ya kitaifa ya kushughulikia magonjwa ya mlipuko, maambukizi, na maangamizi na kuratibu utendaji wa kazi za afya jamii zinazofanywa na Serikali za mitaa. Aidha, sheria iweke mkazo wa kutengwa na kupewa rasilimali fedha na watu kwa taasisi zinazohusika na masuala ya afya jamii na kinga dhidi ya utendaji kugeuzwa mchezo wa kisiasa;

x. Kuondolewa magerezani mahabusu ambao makosa yao yanadhaminika na wale ambao walizuiwa kupewa dhamana kutokana na Mkurugenzi wa Mashitaka kuweka hati ya kuzuiwa dhamana zao;

y. Kutolewa msamaha wa Raisi kwa wafungwa ambao wanakaribia kumaliza muda wao na wale ambao makosa yao si ya mauaji, ubakaji, wizi wa kutumia nguvu, na dawa za kulevya kama heroini.

z. Mahakama kuahirisha kusikilizwa kwa kesi kwa kipindi cha siku 30 na kuendelea kusikiliza kesi zile tu ambazo zaweza kusikilizwa kwa njia ya mtandao wa video huku usalama wa mahakimu, majaji, mashahidi na wadaawa ukihakikishwa.

aa. Viongozi wa kidini wachukue hatua madhubuti za kuanza kuendesha ibada na sala zao kwa njia ya redio na mitandao ili kuondoa uwezekano wa kuambukizana;

bb. Watu wote wasali kwa unyofu mkubwa sana kwa Mungu wetu mwema ili atuokoe na baa hili sisi sote hapa nchini na duniani kote;

cc. Baa hili liwe funzo kwa dunia nzima kuwa mifumo ya nchi zote duniani ya afya ina upungufu mkubwa licha ya tofauti zetu za kiuchumi. Ni lazima nchi zote zishirikiane kuweza kuboresha mifumo yao ya afya. Kwa upande wetu hapa nchini tujue kuwa afya ni mali na hivyo tuwekeze sana katika kuboresha miundomisingi ya afya licha ya uchumi wetu mdogo. Tuige mfano wa Cuba ambayo ina mfumo mzuri sana wa afya licha ya uchumi wake mdogo.

Ni imani ya TLS kuwa hatua tulizopendekeza zitaiwezesha nchi yetu kuushinda ugonjwa huu na kurejea katika maisha yetu ya awali, yaliyobusarishwa na ugonjwa huu, kwa haraka sana. Kama hatua hizi madhubuti hazitachukuliwa ni wazi kuwa shule na vyuo havitafunguliwa, michezo na shughuli za kawaida zitaendelea kufungwa kwa kipindi chote cha mwaka huu kwani kila siku idadi ya wagonjwa itazidi kuongezeka na hivyo kuwa katika mazingira magumu kabisa. Kuendelea kuwepo kwa ugonjwa kwa muda mrefu kutakuwa na athari kubwa sana za kiuchumi sana kwani mataifa mengine ambayo yatakuwa yamekwisha utokomeza ugonjwa huu, yatakataza raia wao kuja nchini na raia wetu watakatazwa kwenda katika nchi hizo na hivyo nchi yetu kupoteza fursa nyingi sana za kiuchumi tukitaja tu sekta ya utalii.

TLS inawataka Watanzania na watu wote wanaoishi nchini kutoufanyia mzaha ugonjwa huu wa korona na wafuate kwa umakini maagizo ya wataalamu wa afya. Wananchi tuache mikusanyiko, tukae majumbani mwetu, tutoke nje tu kuhemea mahitaji ya muhimu, tuwafundishe watoto wetu, tutiane moyo, na kusali kwa Mungu wetu bila kuchoka. TLS inaamini kuwa Mungu wetu mwema atasikiliza sala zetu pale ambapo tumefanya majuto ya kweli, tumeacha njia zetu mbaya, tumewabaini wagonjwa wa ugonjwa huu, tumewagundua walioaambukizwa ila si wagonjwa, na kuzuia kuendelea kwa maambukizo. Tusitegemee miujiza kutoka kwa Mungu bila sisi kufanya kila tutakiwacho kwa akili tulizokirimiwa na Mwenyezi Mungu.

Imetolewa kwa mamlaka ya Baraza la Uongozi wa TLS Jijini Dar es Salaam leo tarehe 20 Aprili 2020

Dkt. Rugemeleza A.K. Nshala


bofya hapa kupata waraka uliosainiwa ==>



Ndugu mwanachama wa Chama cha Mawakili Tanganyika,  Mwananchi na Mdau wetu;
Kutokana na idadi  ya maambukizi ya virusi vya Corona (COVID-19) kuzidi kuongezeka, Chama cha Mawakili Tanganyika (TLS) kinatoa wito kwako kuzidi kuchukua tahadhari ya kujikinga na maambukizi ya ugonjwa huu ambapo mpaka sasa,   unazidi kuenea ulimwenguni  kote kwa kasi kubwa, vifo vinazidi kuongezeka  na kinga au  tiba yake bado haijapatikana.
TLS imeamua kuchukua tahadhari na hatua zaidi katika kupambana na ugonjwa huu kwa kuulinda umma,  wanachama wake, wafanyakazi na wadau wengine kwa ujumla:

Tahadhari na Kujikinga dhidi ya Corona (COVID-19)
Ni vyema kuchukua tahadhari kabla ya hatari katika kupambana na kujikinga na ugonjwa huu  kwa kufanya  na kuzingatia yafuatayo:
(i)                 Kuepuka sehemu za Mikusanyiko.
(ii)               Kuepuka safari au mizunguko isiyo ya lazima,
(iii)             Kunawa Mikono kwa maji tiririka na sabuni mara kwa mara,
(iv)             Kutumia Vitakasa Mikono (sanitaizer),
(v)               Kula mlo kamili na kula vyakula vyenye vitamin C kwa wingi ili kuimarisha kinga ya mwili,
(vi)             Kufanya Mazoezi ili kuhimarisha afya kamili,
(vii)           Kuzingatia  kikamilifu maelezo ya maelekezo yanayotolewa na Wizara ya Afya au Serikali, na
(viii)         Kwenda kituo cha afya au kutoa taarifa pale utakapokuwa  au utakapomuona mtu mwenye  dalili za ugojwa huu kama vile mafua makali, homa kali, kushindwa kupumua vizuri, maumivu ya kichwa na dalili zingine zilizo elezwa na Wizara ya Afya.

Pamoja na kuushauri umma, wanachama na wadau wetu  kuchukua tahadhari na kujikinga na ugonjwa huu, Chama pia kimechukua hatua mbalimbali katika kupambana na ugonjwa huu katika mazingira yake ya kazi  kama ifuatavyo:

Kusitisha shughuli zote zinazohusisha mikusanyiko

TLS imesitisha shughuli zote zinazohusisha mikusanyiko ya watu ikiwemo semina (CLEs), mikutano na warsha  mpaka hapo ambapo mamlaka husika zitakapotangaza kuwa ni salama kuendelea na shughuli hizi.
Vikao vya Kamati pamoja  na Baraza la Uongozi la Chama

Vikao vya kamati zote za chama pamoja na vikao vya Baraza la Uongozi la Chama vitafanyika  kwa njia ya kieletronikia.
Huduma za Msaada wa Kisheria na Maswala ya Kimaadili dhidi ya Mawakili

Huduma hizi zitaendelea kutolewa kama kawaida kwa kufuata utaratibu ufuatao:
(i)                 Huduma hizi zitatolewa kwa siku za Jumanne na Alhamisi tu kwanzia saa Nne asubuhi hadi saa Nane mchana.
(ii)               Mteja anatakiwa kuleta nukushi ya nyaraka zake ( photocopy) zikiwa katika bahasha.
(iii)             Mteja atapewa fomu ya maelezo ambayo atajaza taarifa zake na maelezo ya shauri lake kwa ufupi. Fomu hiyo itapatikana mapokezi
(iv)             Baada ya kujaza fomu hiyo mteja ataingiza ndani ya  bahasha aliyokuja nayo yenye nukushi za nyaraka zake na kuweka katika sehemu maalum atakayoelekezwa.
(v)               Mteja atapewa namba ya simu  au barua pepe kwa ajili ya mawasiliano zaidi kuhusu shauri lake.
(vi)             Mteja hataruhusiwa kuonana ana kwa ana na afisa wa msaada wa kisherai au afisa maadili   mpaka pale atakapopigiwa simu.
Utolewaji wa Vitambulisho kwa Wanachama

(i)                 Vitambulisho vya mawakili  waliopo mikoani vinaendelea kutolewa na viongozi wa chapter kama ilivyokuwa mwanzo.  Mawakili wa mikoani mnaombwa kuwasiliana na viongozi wenu wa chapter watawaeleza utaratibu , muda na mahali pa kuchukua vitambulisho vyenu.
(ii)               Kwa mawakili waliopo Dar es Salaam vitambulisho vitatolewa kwa siku ya Jumanne na Alhamis tu  kwanzia saa Nne asubuhi hadi saa Nane Mchana. Mwanachama anatakiwa kufika kuchukua kitambulisho chake pale tu atakapopokea ujumbe wa SMS kuwa kitambulisho chake kipo tayari. Mwanachama akishapokea SMS kuwa kitambulisho chake kipo tayari, anatakiwa kuja kukichukua katika siku na muda uliopangwa  hapo juu.

Tunawasisitiza wanachama kujaza taarifa zao za Chapter walizopo kwenye akaunti zao za Wakili Data Base. Kitambulisho hakiwezi kutengenezwa kama taarifa za mwanachama hazijajazwa au hazijakamilika.


Kutakuwa na wafanyakazi wachache watakaofika ofisini kwa  utaratibu wa zamu  kutoa huduma kutokana na maagizo yaliyotolewa na Mamlaka (Serikali na Mahakama). Wafanyakazi hao watafika katika muda uliopangwa kila siku. Hata hivyo,  wafanyakazi waliopo zamu watachukua tahadhari zote za kujilinda na ugonjwa huu ikiwemo kunawa mikono kwa maji tiririka na sabuni, kutumia vitakasa mikono (sanitaizer), kuvaa barakoa, na kupimwa joto la mwili kabla hawajaingia ofisini na kutekeleza majukumu yao. Wafanyakazi wengine wataendelea kufanya kazi wakiwa nyumbani au mahali pengine popote kulingana na majukumu.
Huduma Zingine kwa Umma ,Wanachama na Wadau Wengine Katika ofisi ya Makao Makuu

Huduma zingine kwa umma, wanachama  na wadau wengine zitaendelea kutolewa  kwa njia za mtandao kwanzia saa Nne asubuhi hadi saa Nane Mchana . Hata hivyo tunaomba wanachama wetu , wananchi na wadau wengine kwa ujumla, kwa huduma ambazo sio za lazima kufika katika ofisi zetu kutumia nyia nyingine za mawasiliano kama  simu au barua  pepe.
( Zingatia: Muda wa kupiga simu ni kwanzia saa Nne Asubuhi hadi saa Nane  Mchana siku za Kazi)

Zifuatazo ni njia za mawasiliano na wahusika kamili:

(i)                 Mapokezi  na Huduma za Utawala Piga simu Na. 0777815757 au  0778120424  email
(ii)               Vitambulisho piga simu No. 0779939038
(iii)             Msaada ya Kisherai simu Na. 0778626212
(iv)             Semina na CLE 0779626281
(v)               Malipo ya Ada, Risiti na matatizo yote yanayohusu malipo  piga Simu Na. 0778626212
(vi)             Malalamiko ya Kimaadili dhidi ya Mawakili  0779626299
(vii)           Huduma zingine za wanachama 0778626286
(viii)         Huduma za Machapisho  Na. 0779626280
Huduma Zingine kwa  Wanachi , Wanachama na Wadau wengine Katika Ofisi Zetu za Mikoani (Chapters)

Huduma zingine kwa umma, wanachama  na wadau wengine zitaendelea kutolewa mikoani siku za Jumatatu, Jumatano na Ijumaa kwanzia saa Nne asubuhi hadi saa Nane Mchana.  Kwa wateja wa msaada wa kisheria na malalamiko ya kimaadili dhidi ya mawakili utaratibu utakuwa ule ule wa kupokea nyaraka  (nukushi) kama ilivoainishwa hapo juu.
Kwa huduma ambazo sio lazima kufika katika ofisi hizo  zitatolewa kwa njia ya mawasiliano ya simu na barua pepe
( Zingatia: Muda wa kupiga simu ni kwanzia saa Nne Asubuhi hadi saa Nane  Mchana siku za Kazi)

Zifuatazo ni njia za mawasiliano na wahusika kamili:
Mwanza   0713501134
Mbeya     0779626216 au 0755626442
Arusha     0779626219 , 0712762799
Dodoma   0779626215 au 0779626221 ,
Mtwara     0765030889 ,

Kwa Mawakili, wanachi na wadau wengine  walipo mikoa  ambayo haijatajwa hapo juu wanaweza kupiga simu moja kwa moja kwenye namba za kipengele namba 5 (cha makao makuu) au kuwasiliana na viongozi wao wa chapters.
Chama kitaendelea kutoa taarifa za utekelezaji wa shughuli zake kwa kuzingatia hali na mwenendo wa maambukizi ya virusi hivi vya Corona pamoja na taarifa zitakozokuwa zikitolewa na mamlaka husika.

Chukua Taadhari, Kabla ya Hatari

Tangazo hili limetolewa na Chama cha Mawakili Tanganyika (TLS)


|Tanganyika Law Society Secretariat

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