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This is to inform you that the Governing Council has appointed Mr. Charles Rwechungura to be the Chairperson of the TLS Nomination Committee as per Tanganyika Law Society ( Elections) Regulations GN 116 of 2018.

The appointment has been made after receiving a resignation letter from the earlier appointed Chairperson of the Nomination Committee, Mr. Tom Nyanduga.

On behalf of the Governing Council, the TLS Secretariat would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Charles Rwechungura for his acceptance and willingness to serve the Society in this important position of the Chairperson of the Nomination Committee.  

We wish Mr. Charles Rwechungura together with other members of the Nomination Committee all the best in facilitating a free and fair election of the Society leadership.

For your recollection, the following are members of the Nomination Committee;

  1. Mr. Charles Rwechungura ( Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Dr. Robert Makaramba ( Vice-Chairperson)
  3. Capt. Ibrahim Bendera ( Member)
  4. Ms. Joyce Kasebwa ( Member)
  5. Ms. Dosca Mutabuzi ( Member)



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