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Dear Members,

Please be informed that TLS Law reports are now sold through our official Agent, DEMO Innovators Limited.

We, therefore, encourage you to place your order to Demo Innovators when you need a copy of the TLS law report.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact them via the following contacts;

Tel: +255767794848, +255766193544.





Dear Counsel,

As we previously informed you TLS has negotiated with National Health Insurance (NHIF) special rate for health cover for TLS members, the rate offered by NHIF under the proposed arrangement with TLS will be TSH: 1,056,000 for each Advocate with spouse plus his/her 4 beneficiaries (Children) per year.

So far we have 1,157 members who have shown interest, but the offer requires a list of 1500 Members.  We, therefore, kindly encourage members to grab this opportunity before the offer lapses by submitting your name, chapter, date of birth, email, and mobile phone via  Law firms can send a list of all its partners and employees who are advocates containing all the details above. TLS is negotiating to include employees who are non-advocates but for now, this offer covers only advocates.

If you have submitted your name previously you need not register, cross-check your name in the attached file.